VW Dealer at Deerlijk has made Volkswagen Belgique Easy to Possess Luxury

VW Dealer, Deerlijk has a number of posh ideas on wheels. It is easy to guess what these are – the comfortable and dependable 2012 Volkswagen cars, SUVs and of course the Multivan and they are meant for people who want to drive well and enjoy their travel.

Starting with the Volkswagen Upat €9,500, the range reaches the top-of-luxury Phaeton at around €65,830. But, then prices can take only a second place, when it is a lifetime buy as a car, particularly if it is a class vehicle like Volkswagen. As such, the price tag is just to say that the VW car dealer can provide luxury travel, irrespective of the budget worries.

The new one, Up small car is the one to start off the excitement. Truly ideal for city conditions (is parking getting difficult, in Belgium?) Volkswagen Up is a car for office-commute, students, and the family busy with the shopping. Measuring just 3.4M in length, it is the ultra modern interpretation of Volkswagen design language and gives a feel of spaciousness. For example, with typically shaped side windows, you get a wide vista of view and so escape the usual cramped feeling of the usual small car. The interior and seating have been also designed with quite a deal of thought, ensuring comfortable leg space and headroom. Volkswagen Belgique version of the compact Up has the advanced technology giving smooth drivability and outstanding fuel economy. And whichever gear you have engaged, acceleration is quick, something that feels like the bigger cars.

Volkswagen CC is a rightly named Comfort Coupe. The car is the middle of the price range at € 32.770, in the VW lineup but challenges most of the other expensive cars in terms of comforts, and power. The Volkswagen Belgie edition of the CC is powered by TSI and TDI turbocharged engines. BlueMotion Technology is a break-through technology that recovers braking energy, pushing more miles out of every liter of fuel – dual benefit for the ecology as well as the wallet.

In Deerlijk, the Volkswagen Dealer has formulated special plans- making it easy for buying new and used VWs. A good number of pre-owned cars provide ample opportunity for possessing a ‘Das Auto’ at fairly reasonable price. For instance there is a 2010 Volkswagen Caddy Life 16cr TDI 102PK, with its Ravenna Blue finish looking all most new for about €11,990. The dealer has custom-made financing options for all pre-owned Volkswagen Cars.

VW service is generally exceptional, wherever the brand is sold; but across the South Flanders, the service comes with additional flair. Factory-trained technicians ensure that genuine VW auto parts are used, and keep your pride of possession tuned for perfection.

Online specials at VW Deerlijk may save unbelievable amounts, at least sometimes. A Golf Last Edition + GPS RNS 310 comes with customer benefits totaling up to € 6,350. Such offers are naturally once-in-while advantages. But it is still worth having a look-in at the showroom to check out which of the Volkswagens is currently offering the best deal.